Caleb Hutchison



Caleb Mikel Hutchison, professionally known as ILY Truly or " I Love You Truly" is an  l independent, young and passionate artist arising up from the  small town of  Kenosha, Wisconsin. Truly astonishingly continues to make his mark  in the music industry and bring his potency to the table. His inspiration comes from  his father, passion and love for music, and the art of creating music. To him, music  is not just a career but also a way of life. Truly is not the typical artist you hear on  your average musical. From his flows to his ability to use and stretch his  excessive cadence, his unique style is guaranteed to catch the ears of  many. Truly has just released his debut project "Prince" setting his efforts for 2022 into releasing unique, eccentric music, never before heard; as well as making himself  and every artist on his independent  label mainstream stars. Staying true and humble to his  creativity and love for music, ILY Truly continues to be himself, bringing him further  than ever before in his music career.